Rochester Ceramics is proud to offer the full Northeatern Line of Laguna clay.

Northeastern U.S. Clays

Formerly Miller Clays. Manufactured in Byesville OH.
  • Northeastern U.S. Cone 06, 2, 4 & Raku Clays (EM-100s, WC-600s)
  • Northeastern U.S. Cone 6 Clays (WC-401, WC-600s)
  • Northeastern U.S. Cone Cone 8 & 10 Clays (WC-300s, WC-600s)
  • When choosing a clay for a functional ceramic project, there are numerous factors to consider: color, plasticity, porosity, vitrification, firing temperature and glaze fit, just to name a few. Information on the characteristics of each of Laguna’s clays can be found in this handy guide. It will assist you in making the best possible product choices for your needs.